Unity Editor for Linux

Now it possibles to download Unity HUB as Appimage. It's really easy to use ;)

La madonna da Duin sa platga en il flum

Wir haben Martin Cantieni unterstützt beim erstellen der Animationen. Uns gefällt die aufwendigen Illustration sehr. Wir wünschen Martin Cantieni weiter viel Erfolg.

ZBrush Claybuildup for Blender

In ZBrush arbeite ich oft mit dem Claybuildup Brush. Er ist  für mich einer der Wichtigsten. In Blender habe ich Ihn oft vermisst. Darum habe ich beschlossen, ihn in Blender nach zubauen. Es ist recht einfach.

Mache ein Duplikat vom Clay Brush. Lade auf meiner Seite den offiziellen ZBrush Alpha herunter. Füge Ihn im Brush als Textur hinzu. Unter Sample Bais sollte der Wert über Null sein. Aber das Wichtigste ist bei Curve, dass die Linie Linear verläuft wie bei dem Bild der Settings.

Viel Spass and Happy Blend

New Substance Painter 2.5 for Debian and Ubuntu without Steam

Download here Substance Painter 2.5

version: substance-painter-2_2.5.0-2_amd64.deb without Steam

Find and buy the software Painter  here

after that Substance Painter will work

Substance Painter 2 for Debian and Ubuntu without Steam

Download here Substance Painter 2

version: substance-painter-2_2.4.1-2_amd64.deb without Steam

Install the deb package. Put the icon in (/home/$/.local/share/icons/). The Substance Painter 2.desktop file should be inserted into the folder (/home/$/.local/share/applications/). After this, a reboot should be performed by the system.

Find and buy the software Painter 2 here

after that Substance Painter 2 will work

3D printed heart model helps save 5-day-old baby

A 5-day-old baby boy was rushed to the St. Petersburg State Paediatric University Hospital in Russia with a life-threatening congenital heart defect known as Taussig-Bing malformation. The rare and complex condition requires specialized patient information to understand and plan the surgery, however due to the complexity of this case, the standard CT scans were not detailed enough to allow the surgeons to confidently prepare and execute a plan.

They thus turned to 3D printing technology, provided by Swiss startup 3D Medical Printing AG, to create a patient-specific 3D printed heart model. Not only did the 3D printed heart serve as a pre-operational guide in two separate surgeries, but it also helped the baby’s understandably anxious parents fully understand their child’s condition and become more involved in his medical care.